Terms and Conditions


  1. WORKING HOURS: All temporary staff agree to commence their assignment on time and will complete the work as determined by the Client. Temps should not work over 38 hours unless approval by Innovative Talent Recruitment.
  2. TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT: In case your assignment cannot be continued, due to unforeseen circumstances, you are required to provide one week’s notice of your intention to cease in your current role.
  3. SICK LEAVE: If you cannot attend any given day of your assignment due to personal reasons, you must make all attempts to contact us prior to 9am so we are able to make the necessary arrangements with the employer. Email or SMS is not an acceptable form of communication in these circumstances
  4. HANDOVERS: Temporary staff should take notes in such a way that any person can understand what work the temp has undertaken. You should ensure you take notes on the computer or handwritten notes as needed.
  5. CONDUCT At all times, temporary staff of ITR should display manners, customer service and courtesy. If there are any disputes that could potentially arise, the temporary staff should contact Innovative Talent Recruitment.
  6. SOCIAL MEDIA/PERSONAL PHONE CALLS Access to Facebook, Twitter or any personal social media is strictly prohibited whilst on assignment. Use of personal calls should only be made during scheduled breaks.
  7. HARRASSMENT If at any stage throughout your assignment should you feel uncomfortable or threatened, this should immediately be notified to the Client. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, then the temp should contact Innovative Talent Recruitment.
  8. PROPERTY DAMAGE If there is any equipment, machinery or computers that are damaged whilst using this, you must advise the client immediately. You must document the list of damaged property to the client and advise your consultant at Innovative Talent Recruitment.
  9. VCAT/TRIBUNAL HEARINGS No temporary staff are to attend any VCAT hearings under any circumstance. Should they be advised to attend by the client, then Innovative Talent Recruitment should be advised immediately.
  10. PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT OFFERS If a client who has engaged our temporary staff decides to offer any temp permanent assignment whilst on assignment within 12 months of the completion of the assignment, the temp will need to notify Innovative Talent Recruitment immediately to discuss the offer.
  11. CONFIDENTIALITY Throughout your employment or following your employment with ITR, under no circumstances are you permitted for any reason, divulge to any person/s or party any business of Innovative Talent Recruitment or any client of which you have temped without the written consent of Innovative Talent Recruitment or any Client. This includes, but not limited to; the removal of papers, records or documents, or divulging any papers, records, documents or information. Any information learned by any temp shall not be used during or after any temp work other than for the performing the duties as required by the respective client. 11.1 If any circumstances change whilst on assignment, please discuss this matter with Innovative Talent Recruitment – not the client.

I acknowledge and will adhere to all the Terms and Conditions 1.-11.1 to the best of my ability.

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Thank you for joining Innovative Talent Recruitment – We look forward working with you. Please contact us with any queries you should have. Once an assignment has been confirmed, you will receive an addendum to your contract explaining the role and giving all contact details. Etc.

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