Have you ever thought of stepping into a hiring manager’s shoes, and know what they’re looking for when screening candidates? Many of us know what it’s like to apply for a job and not get the opportunity. And what’s worse…You don’t even know why?. Here are a few handy tips as to what you need to know before  sending your job application:

1. We get that you’ve created a template, but try to personalise

Let’s be real for a minute: we know that you are applying for a few more positions in other companies. It’s great for you to explore numerous options, but don’t forget to tailor your resume to the job. It’s a little thing called “Attention to Detail” and a pet peeve of almost every HR Manager.

There’s nothing worse than opening up a cover letter for a Receptionist role and in the first few lines states…”I wish to apply for the IT Consultant position” Aarrghhh…This is one of the main reasons applications like this are moved to the deleted file. Attention to Detail people – It’s what we look for.

2. Spell Check?? Hmmm..

Time and time again we look through our hundreds of applications and yet we come across spelling and grammar errors.

This is something I urge all my candidates to check on their resume. Once again, this shows lack of detail and particularly if the role is administrative. We have spell check on our computers and if your still not convinced…Google the word through the english dictionary.

3. We did our research. Did you?

With the availability of online solutions and artificial intelligence technology, conducting background and reference checks no longer take the time that they used to. It’s amazing how much you can find out about a person on the internet. Try to Google yourself and see what comes up. What you see will be a hiring manager’s first impression of you. Be aware of the power and impact of social media, and be ready for these aspects of your life to be seen.

That said, have you done the same amount of research? Companies nowadays will have a certain amount of presence online, because of the booming digital trend, meaning conducting a small amount of research will not be that difficult.

Remember that applying for a job can be like asking someone out on a date. You wouldn’t head out on a date without at least knowing some information about them, and when they find out you’ve done your bit of research, they would be immediately flattered.

Doing your research shows that you have genuine interest in the company you’re applying for, that you took the time to see if you would be compatible, and are now taking the initiative to get to know each other more.

4. Great credentials don’t always get you the job

Rest assured that hiring managers want you to love the job that you’re applying for, and by this, we mean more than just the actual work you will be doing. They want you to love the company, its culture, direction, and people. So, don’t take it personally if your application has been declined.

Usually hiring managers decline applications, not because you were not qualified. There have been hires before where a candidate was less than qualified. It’s a matter of being a fit for the company, and if you are not fit, that’s not an insult to your morale. It just means that there is a better company for you.

5. Be professional, but be YOU.

The last thing that a hiring manager wants, and something that they often fear, is someone who has an excellent resume, does an excellent interview but turns out to be a totally different person once already in the workplace.

Hiring managers would also hate for you to hide your personality; they actually appreciate unique and genuine people, which are great assets to a company’s culture. Being genuine would be doing hiring managers, and ultimately yourself, a favour. Imagine a company where you are able to maintain professionalism, but can be yourself at the same time.

Hiring Managers, unless otherwise stated, are not looking for temporary members of the team, but someone who is planning to stay. If you find that you need to tweak the truth of your life plans and goals or interests, because you know that saying these things will land you a job, don’t do it. In the end, you will also be at an inconvenience.

At the end of the day, hiring managers are looking for people to love, and if they don’t love you, that doesn’t mean you stop trying. Maybe you’ve been stuck searching for the right job for some time already, and you’ve just realised what you’ve been doing wrong. Allow us to be a part of your journey. We’re looking forward to seeing you succeed!

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